We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year and will
answer your calls promptly, professionally and empathetically.

Industry research shows that 90% of consumers prefer to speak with a real person either on the phone or face to face for issues or situations that require fast or immediate action.  When you respond to your customers the first time they reach out to you and are able to meet their needs, you have just created a positive experience for them which helps to ensure the success of your company.  So when your staff is unavailable, whether during the day or after business hours, let our friendly agents answer your calls.

Our goal is to provide a good customer service experience for your callers that will encourage repeat business and referrals for your company.

Mission Statement

The mission of Southwest Call Center is to provide a superior level of customer service to our customers while assuring personal attention to their communication needs.

At Southwest Call Center, we understand every nuance of the call center industry.  We want to help your business be successful and designed our service with you in mind – that is to help you reduce operations costs without sacrificing quality of customer service.

These are some of the ways we help you create good experiences for your customers:

Customized Greeting

Customized Friendly and Professional Greeting. The Company greeting is what the caller’s first impression of a company is based upon. Our agents will greet your callers clearly and professionally each time a call is answered.

Custom Call Scripts

A Custom Call Handling Script built around your specific needs helps to ensure that our agents get the information needed for you to respond to your caller’s needs appropriately. Our agents practice ‘active’ listening skills by asking and verifying critical information such as names and telephone numbers and other call information as needed by you.


Call Transfering

Call Transfer/Patching. Our agents will screen incoming calls to determine if the situation requires immediate action and transfer the call to designated staff. This ensures no delay in responding to caller’s needs.

Delivery Options

Multiple message delivery options allow you to receive messages according to your preference. Messages can be relayed to you over the phone, texted to your cell phone, emailed, faxed or even sent to a pager.  We can even combine the message delivery options to send one message thus ensuring that you don’t miss a message or call.