Our goal is to screen and hire only the best employees to ensure all calls are answered professionally, courteously, discreetly and empathetically.

Our customized training curriculum focuses on answering calls professionally, taking an accurate message then delivering it according to our client’s instructions correctly.  The training curriculum is module-based so that it can be used for follow-up training on an as needed basis.  General topics of training include the following:

  • Telephone Skills Training
    • Basic and advanced telephone skills
    • Customer Service skills
  • System Architecture Overview and Training
    • Provides an overview of our system
    • Call answering and handling techniques
  • Client’s Telephone Answering Script

We monitor our staffing levels closely to assist us in determining when to add staff and the quality of service we are providing to our clients.  Some of the metrics we use include Service Level Goal, Average Hold Time and Average Time to Answer.  Our Operator Quality Assurance Program is an on-going program that involves real-time monitoring of calls.  In this program, we measure:

  • How the call is answered,
  • Whether the agent is following client’s script during the call,
  • How well they handle the caller
  • The agent’s professional and courteous tone throughout the entire phone call, including the dispatching of the call.