Our goal is to provide a good customer service experience for your callers that will encourage repeat business and referrals for your company.  All of our service applications include the following features.

  • 7x24x365 Agent AvailabilityWe are committed to answering your calls professionally and courteously, taking an accurate message and delivering it correctly every time.
  • Custom Call Handling Script Development – We will obtain your call handling requirements, definitions and contact information to develop a call-handling script that meets your specific needs.
  • Custom Message Delivery – All messages are delivered using the preferred delivery method to the appropriate personnel as identified by you. Your options for message delivery include:
    • Direct call and/or patch
    • Paging (alpha or digital)
    • Emailing
    • Text message to mobile device
    • Any combination of these contact methods
  • System Stamped Date & Time Messages – All message tickets and actions taken to deliver the message is automatically stamped with the date and time of occurrence.
  • Message Summary Report –Is a summary of all messages taken and is provided to you at least once a day or as needed by you.
  • Custom Telephone Greeting/Announcement – We answer your calls using the answer phrase you have instructed us to use.
  • Call Transfer/Patching – When its critical to connect the caller to one of your staff members, Call Transfer/Patching ensures no delay.
  • Digital Voice Recording – Every incoming and outgoing call in the call center is recorded. Recording and monitoring calls reinforces agent training and our Quality Assurance program.
  • Call Forwarding Check –If you forget to forward your calls – no worries! We’ll notify you and work with you to get the calls forwarded.
  • Call Confirmation – Sometimes you just need to know that your customer or patient was contacted by your staff.  In those situations, our agents will confirm and if needed, escalate to another staff person.
  • Web-based Services – Provides you access to our secure website to access your On-Call Calendar, Employee Directory and Message List.

Customer Login Portal Features

1) Calendar – Allows your office to enter and make changes as necessary to your on call schedule. This insures that our agents have the correct on call at all times.  This feature also allows you to make changes to your employee contact list, both features appear in real time to our agents, so there is no gap in coverage.

2) Employee Directory – The Employee Directory allows you to review staff contact information and communicate changes as they occur to us.

3) Messages – Allows you to view current messages and how they are dispatched (or not, as they are taken.