Do you need to hire more employees? Tired of the endless applicant screening process? You can set up a Job Hotline that will prescreen interested job candidates for positions within your company.  The Job Hotline number can be published with or without your company name – it’s up to you.

We’ll prescreen those applicants via Voice Mail or have one of our trained representatives follow your employment screening questions.  Either way, we will record the conversation so you can listen to it and decide if you want to take the candidate to the next level in your interview process.

  • Job Hotline Voice Mailbox Option – Caller will hear a pre-recorded message giving the information set forth by your company about the position, and then they will hear a prompt to leave a message on a secure voicemail system.
  • Job Hotline Live Prescreen – Trained Southwest Call Center rep will answer the call, ask the necessary questions per your instructions and then close the call with a resolution depending on your response needs.