At Southwest Call Center, we understand every nuance of the call center industry.  We want to help your business be successful and designed our service with you in mind – that is to help you reduce operations costs without sacrificing quality of customer service.

Southwest Call Center’s call center solution is based upon Amtelco’s patented Infinity system designed to provide you the most reliable computer telephony integration in the industry.  The Infinity automated call distribution and unified messaging system is a software platform comprised of specialized applications, each with its own security and access restrictions.

Additional Infinity Software Modules and approved Third Party Software providing specialized functionalities are interconnected into our system platform to provide advanced services such as web-based applications, SMS messaging, email monitoring and broadcast services.  Each of these software modules are controlled and managed by the Infinity Host server application and can only be access via a password.

Southwest Call Center is environmentally controlled and features physical and electronic security measures, including network firewalls and digital video site surveillance. Our management team monitors and oversees the functions of the system and its network links.

  • Network MonitoringSouthwest Call Center management staff monitors all aspects of the hosting network, from telecommunication circuits to web servers. In the event of a failure anywhere in the hosting network, the technical support staff is immediately notified of the component that has failed and takes appropriate corrective action as necessary.
  • Power Failure ProtectionThe call center is equipped with a standby generator that immediately delivers electricity to the core equipment should power be lost.

We take disaster events very seriously and we understand our ability to operate during these times is critical to the success and continuation of your business.  With our redundant network, we have procedures in place that ensure continued operations during the event of a disaster. We review, test and update, as necessary, these processes several times a year.