The personal touch is always important but sometimes having a live answer is not practical for your needs. You can still stay in touch without having to stay by the phone.

We offer several different types of voice mailboxes that can be customized to your needs.

Standard Voice Mail Service allows you to record a personal greeting asking the caller to leave a message.  You can check for messages anywhere anytime.

Voice Mail Service w/Message Transcription With this service, we’ll check your voicemail for you and transcribe it into a text message that can be sent to your pager, cell phone or as an email to your cell phone or computer.

FAQ Boxes allow you to broadcast information to a wide spectrum of people.  You record the message to be heard and when your callers dial the special access telephone number, they will hear the message.  Use a FAQ box to announce important meeting dates, work schedules for employees or information about upcoming events regarding your business or function.  The possibilities are limitless for the use of this service.